Teaching Kids About Money Teaching Kids About Money

My younger sister can’t save money for anything. If she gets $20, she goes out... 

Getting A Child To Clean Their Room Getting A Child To Clean Their Room

I have had a lot of experience with getting a child to clean their room. Each child... 

Start Giving Your Children An Allowance Start Giving Your Children An Allowance

It’s never too early to start teaching your children about money. A great way... 

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Safety In The Home Safety In The Home

When we bring a new baby home, most families prepare their house for the new arrival.... 

Back To School Shopping Back To School Shopping

If you are like me, back to school shopping can be hassle. By the end of the day,... 

Teaching About The Internet Teaching About The Internet

Kids today have a different perception of the computer and the internet. Children... 

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Crafting With Kids Crafting With Kids

Most children love to do craft projects, and this can be a fun way to teach them new things. There are endless possibilities to how you can do this. Begin gathering supplies that they can use when they would like to. Here are a few suggestions. Start collecting objects that can be reused. Small baby food containers, empty toilet rolls, twist ties from... [Read more of this article]

Take Your Kids Out On Mini Vacations Take Your Kids Out On Mini Vacations

Kids love summer vacations, but they aren’t always practical or affordable. Here’s a great idea to give your kids a vacation without breaking the bank or taking time off from work. Take a mini vacation with your family. Find a place that is within two hours driving distance. Book a hotel room for the night or weekend, and take off with your kids.... [Read more of this article]

Healthy Eating For Kids Healthy Eating For Kids

Chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese seem to be the mainstream diet for many children. Parents often struggle to get their children to eat healthy foods. Our family started on a new diet. We switched our white bread for wheat and started stocking the fridge with fruits and vegetables. The kids rebelled for a while, but now they are used to it. They... [Read more of this article]

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